On assets). The YBY Boxes as a thermal power YBY Boxes in Hubei Province

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    On assets). The YBY Boxes as a thermal power YBY Boxes in Hubei Province, there are two regional characteristics: 1) coal high flexibility, since the lack of coal resources in Hubei Province, the main coal-fired power plants from other provinces long-distance transport, the high YBY Boxes is selling cheapest boxes of coal into the furnace, so that the fuel costs accounted for relatively high performance of the YBY Boxes for coal high elasticity; 2) a greater impact by hydropower, Hubei province's power installed hydropower capacity accounts for about 65%, greater impact on the province's thermal power and hydropower load. Integration of the platform is expected to advance. The YBY Boxes has completed 14 years in the Chinese equity transfer 45 percent of new power plants work, Guadiana Hubei Province Henchman only independent power generation YBY Boxes in the company, 100% owned by the group, the combined YBY Boxes is expected to become the subject of a high possibility. Henchman hypothesis generation assets injection (100% stake), when the YBY Boxes installed capacity may reach 4.45 million kilowatts, an increase of YBY Boxes customized bulk packaging with free shipping in United States Nearly 30%. Henchman consider earnings power for 13 years (13 years Henchman power generating capacity of 5.4 billion kwh, operating paper boxes of 1.95 billion US dollar, total profit of 370 million US dollar), is expected to increase the YBY Boxes net profit level of about 40%. Wind power custom boxes offered from YBY Boxes carried out steadily. The YBY Boxes invested 11.5 million US dollar acquisition of Guadiana Hubei YBY Boxes YBY Boxes owned include the Mountain, Le Shiroma, etc., 10 wind power project early, total planned installed capacity of about 500,000 kilowatts. Among them, the Music New York City Mountain project has approved, Kyrgyzstan Tangshan project has flagging. Music New York City Wind Power Project installed capacity of about 48,000 kilowatts (23x0.21), customized boxes delivered by YBY Boxes 430 million US dollar, is expected to put into cardboard boxes about an annual profit of 300 million. Slightly lower 15--16-year earnings forecast to maintain 'Buy'. By thermal power YBY Boxes is offering free shipping of custom boxes in US boom of the downturn and the downward effect of price, will not consider shutting down small thermal power subsidies and possible asset injection, slightly

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