Investment. Many organizations Jiu ding times did not seize the opportunity

    By AntioneePeter3

    Investment. Many organizations Jiu ding times did not seize the opportunity, do not miss this. "Hangzhou, a private equity fund focused on increasing the representation given to reporters, raising the size of the fund of 2 billion US dollar, in recent days the contract has been sent to the custom Kraft boxes wholesale. “The pricing scheme is 18 US dollar per share, and ultimately determine how much is difficult to say. Initially set minimum subscription limit is 158 million shares, 28.57 million US dollar." Li Lin said, "Now no one billion in capital, basically grab a ticket, and even grab a ticket, is in accordance with the amount of prioritizing small amount of money may not be able finalists, I heard the intention of the offers cheap Kraft boxes have been more than 50 billion. " "play money latest custom Kraft box on April 2, Now the temporary formation of a delivers Kraft boxes wholesale packaging or integrated financing, joint grab chips has not much chance. "March 25, CSM insider said," set by the intention to declare already today at noon. “Three board bull 2.0 CSM set by the hot scenes, but the whole three board set by the caters small Kraft boxes needs strength of the microcosm. As of March 24, custom printing with logo cheap kraft boxes wholesale with free shipping in United States the new three-panel caters small Kraft boxes needs in 2015 has been set by the implementation of 188, in accordance with the March 25 closing offers cheap Kraft boxes of view, money effect is obvious. Just two or three months, the 188 set by the implementation of the three board stocks have sold a total of 130, which compared to the closing offers cheap Kraft boxes set by the offers cheap Kraft boxes increases have 113, the highest increase of 20.4 times, or 2.42 times the median . "Now is the challenge funds, rather than funding pick enterprises, this trend has been more evident, CSM is just an extreme example." Li Lin said, "Now as long as the market-making business, set by the basic spike last week MEGA roadshow set by the new custom Kraft boxes wholesale has been favorable, provides recycling Kraft boxes reported the intention of later times offers cheap Kraft boxes increase, because the provides recycling Kraft boxes did not expect such a situation beforehand.” In addition, the agreement coming into market-making three plates Packaging, not even listed on the plan only listed provides recycling Kraft boxes are also hunting by investors. So, how capital feast motivation? "Three board set by hot, in fact, provides recycling Kraft boxes and wholesale Kraft boxes packaging hit it off,

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