Dofus Touch: Pets That Worth Leveling Up

Do you want to make money by buying new pets and selling them fully raised? As we know, it's quite difficult to farm money in DOFUS Touch, everyone has their own way to make money. There are some people want to buy pets and level them up then sell them to get more money. Here we'll give you some advice about pets that worth training and where would you sell them.


We all know that pet is a piece of Equipment in game. Soul eater pets are more expensive but you can train on at a time, regular pets are cheaper but you can raise any number of them at once. 

Most regular pets are a hard sell anymore and only due so because they are cheap so do alot of them and for different stats or risk flooding the market.

The pets that are worth leveling up are Peki Peki (vitality), el scarador (% resistance), Croum (% resistance), and Piwin (80-90 stat) of any color in my opinion. They all have great value when maxed and their usefulness is great in pvm and pvp situations. Pet market in Bonta or Brakmar is always a good place to put them there or click on your character, organize your merchant, then go into merchant mode around amakna village zaap area so most people can see what you have in stock.

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