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      Hanna Oma

      The best moment of your life is one, that you live for the sake of Allah Almighty or spend your time to serve the people as with this intention that your Allah will be happy for you. And these are the words of the Hadith that if you will kind to the people of the earth then Allah will surely kind to you in every deed of your life and if you make ease for the people then surely, He will make ease for you in every field of your life.In every field of life where you find helpless to yourself and don’t be able to carry on. Then you must close your eyes and have trust on your creator take risk in your life and then carry on.  You will the amazing results in your life. this is the power of faith that exist in every human if you have strong believe that Allah will help you in every field of life. the congregation of people that you find on the sacred event of Hajj. That is the heartiest desire for every Muslim to reach there therefore we always try to provide the best opportunities for your comfort and the accomplishment of your religious goals as we equipped with the amazing Umrah Packages, Alhijaz Travel provides inexpensive Three star 2017 ramadan umrah Offers with family from London with hotel and flight. that are the real source to revolutionize your personality in the most amazing way. 

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