Do You Know The Five Critical Factors of Bike Insurance Purchases?

It is said that in India, two-wheelers have an even greater significance. Unlike the rest of the developed world where they are used more for their leisure abilities, bikes here, tend to get used for basic transportation needs as well. But irrespective of whether one uses their bike for pleasure or more utilitarian purposes, there's no escaping the fact that it would be highly undesirable to have this ride disrupted.

This is where a good bike insurance cover comes into play. It throws a safety net around these prized possessions, forming a safety cocoon that protects the motorcycle (or scooter, as the case maybe), from harm. But we live in a world that is filled with companies offering a mind-boggling mix of two-wheeler insurance products. Separating the best and most suitable one from this wide array of choices is therefore a task that must be done with care and due diligence. Things to bear in mind when purchasing a policy would be:

Policy Purchase Options:

Gone are the days when insurance purchases meant a long trundle down to those back-alley premises of some 'stuck-in-a-time-warp' insurer. Back in the day, you took what was given to you and then waited while the final policy document took its own sweet time to make its way back to you. Today, you don't even have to step out of the desk or wait forever. Bike insurance policies too can be purchased online and the document is mailed to your inbox within minutes. A simple print-out and you are free to vroom off as and when you choose to.

Claims Settlement:

Each insurer has their own terms and conditions when it comes to settling claims. Those of you who feel that insurance claims wouldn't anyway not amount to much, really need to go speak to their workshop guys. The modern two-wheelers of today are known to contain some advanced pieces of techno-wizardy that allow them to operate at the very limits of the performance envelope all day long. But as all things electronic or mechanical, they are not invincible and could be quite pricey to replace.

Documentation Requirements:

These days all one requires for their bike insurance are the ownership details of their vehicle, the particulars of the previous policy and details of any claims made in the preceding year.


The thing about discounts is that they are seldom announced, yet are available to those that ask for them, politely. Also, online purchases too attract special rates that are often lower than those available at brick and mortar establishments. So keep your eyes peeled to get the most coverage at the best possible rates.

Coverage and Service Quality Standards:

It is pointless to have an insurance policy that refuses to honor your claims, citing lack of service support. Alternately, if the quality standards of the garages effecting claims repairs are below-par, then in these cases, having an insurance policy turns out to be counter-productive. So ask around among fellow bikers and choose the one that is nationally recognized.

At the end of the day, it is up to the rider to keep their bike in the best possible shape. Accidents, especially for two-wheeler riders are part and parcel of the ownership experience. While precious little can be done to salvage the emotional hurt caused due to a tumble or spill, having a good insurance cover at-least helps in reducing the financial damages.

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