Liver Transplant Surgery in India

What is Liver Transplant Surgery?

A liver transplant is a surgery to replace a diseased liver with a healthy liver from another person. A whole liver may be transplanted, or just part of one.  The healthy liver comes from an organ donor who has died otherwise from a living person who donates a part his/her liver – A living donor can be someone from the family, friend or someone known related to you whose blood type is a good match.

People who donate part of their liver can have healthy lives with the liver that is left and the part of liver left grows back to normal size after the surgery. The liver is the only organ in the body that can replace lost or injured tissue, as in it regenerate to normal like how nails and hair does.

Why is liver Transplant needed?

Liver transplant is recommended if you have an end-stage liver disease or chronic liver failure, which is a life-threatening liver disease – because of which the liver stops working properly and hence liver transplant is required since a person cannot live without a working liver.

Cirrhosis is a common cause of end-stage liver disease. It is a chronic liver disease. It happens when healthy liver tissue is replaced with scar tissue. This stops the liver from working properly. Other diseases that may lead to end-stage liver disease includes viral hepatitis (B or C), liver cancer, biliary atresia, acute hepatic necrosis.

Why liver transplant in India? What is the cost for it?

India is one of the most popular medical tourism hubs for a number of reasons. Different procedures are carried out by experienced doctors in the country and liver transplant is one of them. The reason why medical tourists prefer to visit India for this procedure includes low cost, world-class facilities, high specialised medical staff, use of latest technology and personalised care.

The quality of medical care offered at liver transplant hospitals in India can be compared to any other hospital from any of the developed countries, including the US and the UK.

The cost of the procedure is the biggest challenge for any individual to bear; moreover, Liver transplant is a major procedure and would require a lot of funds for the transplant surgery. India is a country which makes it easy and affordable, cost of liver transplant in India is very low when compared with other western countries. The cost is almost half from countries like US or UK. 

The low-cost treatment in India allows people from all classes around the world to access the quality treatment at low cost.

How is the transplant surgery conducted?

The transplant surgery is done under general anaesthesia – so that the patient stays unconscious and does not feel any pain during surgery. The surgery lasts for a period of six to eight hours. Prior to the surgery, a pipe is put into the patient’s mouth to help him/her breathe during the surgery

Next, an incision is made into the abdomen of the patient to remove the damaged organ and replace it with the donated liver. The donated liver is attached to the bile ducts and the major blood vessels during the surgery before closing the incision.

Liver Transplant hospitals in India?

There are a number of hospitals in India conducting surgery for Liver transplant. But finding the best one with specialized doctor is challenging. India apart from the best hospital and doctors provides low-cost hospitals with quality treatment.

Some of the best liver transplant hospitals in India at low cost are:

  1. Fortis Memorial Research Institute
  2. Artemis Hospital
  3. BLK Hospital
  4. Medanta – The Medicity
  5. Dharamshila Cancer Hospital
  6. Aster Medcity


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